The Home of Robert and Dianne Lee

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My beverage of choice is usually bourbon whiskey. My preferred brand is Evan Williams 1783 (10 YO), but I'm also quite fond of Buffalo Trace and Bulleit. I also like Woodford Reserve, Maker's Mark and Wild Turkey, but think they are too expensive compared to the others. I've been known to ocasionally drink Jack Daniels although it's not really bourbon. I do not like Jim Beam for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it tastes to me like paste was added to the barrel before aging.

I drink Scotch Whisky pretty regularly as well. My favorite brands tend to be based on Islay malts. I like almost any Islay single malt, particularly Laphroaig. The McClelland's Islay Single Malt is much more reasonably priced, although not nearly as good. My favorite blends also have the peaty-smokey flavor of Islay: Johnnie Walker Black and White Horse. I find the latter to be a particularly good value.

Dianne is very much a Tequila and Margarita drinker. She likes anything made with Jose Cuervo gold.